Welcome to Avatar Toolbox

What's this site about?

Making and customizing avatars in Second LifeŽ.

This site is small and under construction right now, so there's probably things you're looking for that aren't here yet. The best place to start is probably the content creation forums, although you may not have access if you have no payment information on record.

When I first joined Second Life, I spent a lot of time wondering "how do they do that?" every time I saw an impressive or unusual avatar. I spent a lot of time searching the web and SL's forums for information, samples, and scripts. I had a lot of good conversations in sandboxes. This is about bundling up that information in one place, and making it easier for all of us to create the avatars we want.

Here's an introduction to avatar appearance by Caliandris Pendragon.

Where do I get the tools mentioned?

On the web: at SLExchange.com. On the grid: Sunwi Do, 111/198/549 with the other freebies at my main shop.

The toolbox has pose stands, invisiprims, several animation overriders, attachment samples, etc. If something in the toolbox has bad permissions or other problems, please IM me (Storm Thunders) or drop me an email at the address below. I'll be adding things to the toolbox as this site grows, so each version has the date showing in hovertext. Only the latest version will be available at the place(s) linked above.

How do I contribute?

If you want to submit an article, or have some good tutorials you'd like linked, email me. Please put "Avatar Toolbox" in the subject line. You can also IM me (Storm Thunders), and I've got a blog.

While I intend to be putting up articles regularly, I know better than to promise an article by a particular date. There may also be pages under construction and outlines of incomplete articles on this site.